Welcome to the Salzburger Project of AATG-GA!
AATG-GA is keenly interested in heightening awareness of German heritage in the state of Georgia. With this wiki we provide a forum in which you can inform yourselves about the legacy of the Salzburger (the first German immigrants to the colony of Georgia), and share your discoveries with others.

We have created a wiki for this project because it allows us to share ideas without space or time constraints. You can participate from any location in the world, and the wiki is available 24/7. Everyone who is invited to participate in this wiki can see what everyone else has contributed. Moreover, all contributions to the wiki are archived and are thus readily available to any user. Nothing gets misplaced or deleted!

If you're unfamiliar with the the workings of a wiki, then check out these videos for a basic explanation of wiki functions. No knowledge of HTML or any other programming code is required; all that you really have to know is how to work with standard word-processing icons (such as those that appear when you click on the EDIT tab above any wiki page). And, of course, the ability to type and to remember to press SAVE when you have finished typing or uploading any document.

As you can tell from the formatting menu above, you can also create links to a variety of websites, upload photos and videos, create tables for clear presentation of data, and use a number of widgets to bring your contributions to life. Please remember to cite the source where you found your contribution!